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Chelsea and Andy's Sweet and Intimate Hampton Park Elopement - Charleston, SC Wedding Videography

When Chelsea reached out about me filming her and Andy's Hampton Park elopement I couldn't wait to say yes! Chelsea and Andy were my first elopement I had ever filmed, and I was hooked after. It's rare that I ever get to spend 2 hours of just filming the couple! Let's just say I was in creativity heaven- these two were so fun to film with!

There was a point when Andy and Chelsea starting explaining why they were eloping and at first I felt terrible that coronavirus had cancelled their original big wedding plans. However, they followed the story up with, "Well, this is actually what we wanted to do in the first place. Elope with just the two of us! So we got what we wanted!" Don't you love how the world works in mysterious ways like that? ;)

Andy and Chelsea, thank you for letting me be there for your amazing, intimate elopement. I loved bringing your love story to life and I hope you cherish this film for the rest of your lives! Best wishes to this awesome couple on their new journey of life!

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Назар Колтун
Назар Колтун
Jan 08

Very beautiful photos, thank you! If you are interested in elopement photography, let me recommend

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