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T I M E L I N E   of   E V E N T S


I would love to hear from you and learn about your amazing love story so I can bring it to life through your Wedding Film! Tell me a little about yourselves through the contact form and I will get back with you as quickly as possible. From here, I will send you a pricing guide for you to explore and if we are a fit, we can chat further about your wedding plans!

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Working with Haley was absolutely incredible! She was always incredibly responsive, understanding, and professional and worked extremely hard to make sure we got everything we wanted in these videos. She was there all day long and did not miss a single important moment - but also was never intruding or in the way of anybody. Working with her was incredible, and I would choose her time and time again if given the opportunity.



Haley was an absolute Godsend to us. I had really questioned whether a videographer was something I needed and so it was a late add. Yet somehow Haley was flawless about it. She was so easy to work with before and after the wedding and somehow on the day of the wedding she caught ever important moment without us feeling like we had a camera in our face the entire time.

This was all just how amazing she was without seeing the actual video.... then we saw the video.

A video that takes me back to that moment and those feelings - the absolute joy and love that came with that day. A video that represented us and all of our friends and family. It is something I will absolutely cherish the rest of my life.

So if you’re trying to decide if it’s worth it; she absolutely is and you will never regret hiring her!

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Haley captured every second of our big day. She’s was simply amazing! Her passion for what she does pours through her work and will surpass all of your expectations! Her attention to details was second to none. I can not wait to show our videos to our future kids and grand kids. It is inspiring to see someone not only doing what they love but also being great at it. Haley you are amazingly talented and I could not have picked anyone better. Thank you!

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